Friday, 12 April 2013

Sally B's Gig!

Playing and singing some Rock n Roll here on Sunday. This Sunday in fact 14th April.

Dave Briggs is the main man on the gig and as well as myself there'll be Pete Pritchard on Double Bass and Tim Broughton on Drums.

We'll be playing mostly Rocking Blues originals and Sun Studio favourites too.

It's an early start round about 4pm and we always get a good crowd.

Hope to see some of you down there.

Forest Roots Gig

Also playing at The Forest Gate Hotel on Friday 26th April. The venue is called 'Forest Roots' and I've played it before. This time I'll be on guitar with Richard Sadler on Double Bass.
Details of the venue at the link below

Grey Horse Kingston

There's a Grey Horse gig in Kingston-upon-Thames coming up on 12th May Sunday (3pm)
That'll be a lot of fun. With Preben Raunsbjerg and Richard Sadler

There'll be more tracks for download coming up, if you haven't already - 

then take a look! 

Liam Grundy's iTunes Downloads HERE!

Monday, 10 December 2012

SUN Studios Session

Christmas In Memphis

Anyone who has set foot in SUN Studios, has experienced a strange feeling of familiarity mixed with a sense of wonder. It's a place that, in the past, coaxed the best out of the greatest and to this day still provides a great place to go and make music.
I was in Memphis along with Pete Pritchard, Dave Briggs, Paul Ansell and Jim Russell at the invitation of Scotty Moore. It was Scotty's 80th Birthday Party and there was a big bash being held at The Gibson Lounge near Beale  Street. We've been playing with Scotty for some years and were honoured to be asked to perform at the party and were also thrilled to get a chance to meet up with some of the great friends we've made on our previous visits over.
Though I've visited SUN Studios a good few times in the past, this trip seemed the perfect opportunity to put down some tracks at 706 while we were in town. We recorded some songs with Paul Ansell on one night, and Pete, Dave, Jim and I went in and put some down during another night session.
We all had a couple of tracks we wanted to try out and off we went. Matt Ross-Spang was really helpful and we worked pretty fast. DJ Fontana and JM Van Eaton dropped in along with some other friends and before we knew it we had the makings of a party.
Sadly we did have work to do so we got down to it. I recorded two original tracks 'Christmas In Memphis (Three Kings And A Cadillac)' and 'Anytime Anytime'. Pete, Dave and Jim also recorded tracks which all sounded great and I'll post some links to them when they're released.
When the session wound up it was around 4am, and Pete and I walked back down Union Avenue towards Beale near where our Hotel was. It was dark, freezing cold, and various characters shuffled out of the shadows as we passed, they all seemed pretty harmless.
Working at SUN was great and I don't think I could have recorded those tracks anywhere else and have them turn out as good as they did. There is a magic there and it's in the walls and maybe in the ceiling too, but it seems to be a happy place to make music, and its track record seems to speak for itself - doesn't it?

Available now below on iTunes


'Christmas In Memphis'

(Three Kings And A Cadillac)'

Sunday, 22 April 2012

National Theatre Gig 24th April 5.45pm

The National Theatre Foyer is one of our favourite gigs.
It's a shame we have to finish early to allow the plays to go on,
but it seems only fair - it is a theatre after all.

It's always nice to see familiar faces there too, and for some reason
I always seem to bump into people there I've known for years.

We usually play more Hank Williams, Leroy Van Dyke and traditional stuff there.
That just suits me fine......

Preben Raunsbjerg on Guitar
Richard Sadler on Double Bass

Business as usual then!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Scotty Moore 80th Party, Memphis 10th December 2011

Playing with my mates Pete Pritchard, Dave Briggs, Paul Ansell and JM Van Eaton.
A great night and an honour to be invited!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Gigs and News

Next Gig:
The Elgin Ladbroke Grove. 
Sunday 15th April 1pm -4pm.

Had a great time in Memphis.

Attended Scotty Moore's 80th Birthday party.
Scotty asked if we'd play a set and back some of the musicians.
Why certainly!

I first worked with Scotty in 1999 when Pete Pritchard and myself set up a tour of UK and Ireland featuring Scotty and DJ Fontana. On that tour we had Ian Conningham vocals/drums and Peter Davenport guitar.  The format featured Presley repertoire, of course, as well as songs by Carl Perkins, Billy Lee Riley etc. - Good Classic SUN stuff. 

It was a great band, and Pete and I continued working with Scotty. 
We made several recordings with him too. 
The tours and dates that followed saw the line-up of the band eventually evolve to feature Jimmy Russell - Drums, 
Dave Briggs - Guitar and Paul Ansell - Vocals

We had played at Scotty's 73rd party in 2003 in Nashville which was filmed for MTV, but Scotty was taken ill and although the night went ahead, everyone was really worried about how things would turn out. Happily, Scotty recovered and then toured UK and Ireland with us the following year.
We were really happy to help celebrate his 76th in Nashville, and honoured to be asked to return for his 80th also.
He was in really fine form I have to say. 
Roland Janes, Billy Swan, DJ Fontana, and a host of Memphis luminaries, including Priscilla, attended.
At one point we were joined on stage by the legendary JM Van Eaton on drums for two of the classic tunes he recorded at SUN; 
Whole Lotta Shakin' and Red Hot.
Pete Pritchard did a great job on vocals belting out 'Red Hot' and I sang 'Whole Lotta Shakin'. 
Playing the piano intro to 'Whole Lotta Shakin', while JM played the drums was certainly spine-tingling. Like a lot of legendary musicians, JM is a very nice guy and very happy to chat about those early recordings that changed the world of music for so many of us.

The picture above is with James Lott a great performer, as well as the man who kept SUN Studios operating through the difficult times. 
A debt due indeed.

While in Memphis, Pete Pritchard, Dave Briggs, 
Jimmy Russell and myself did some sessions at SUN on 706 Union Ave. 
We cut seven tracks. 
All self-penned original songs, singing lead vocal on our own tracks.
Our old friend Kevin Woods was good enough to join us on acoustic guitar.
Elvis' original drummer DJ Fontana dropped in and so did JM Van Eaton. 
The two most famous drummers in Rock n Roll with us at SUN. 
Hard to believe it happened.

Matt Ross-Spang did a sterling job running the board on the session and we're really happy with the results. There's something in that room definitely. 
We'll be putting the tracks out soon for you to judge.

The following night Paul Ansell was due in SUN to record tracks for a new album too. 
Paul asked us to play with him on the tracks, which we were really happy to do. 
The songs are great and he sang great as always. 
One to watch for definitely.

I was due to head to Nashville a few days later in the week to visit friends. 
Scotty kindly suggested my wife and I pop in to see him so we called in and had a lovely
afternoon catching up with himself and Gail.

Theres some more pics and some videos to come so check back as I will be adding to this blog.

Next Gig is at The Elgin Ladbroke Grove. Sunday 15th April 1pm -4pm.

Be great to see you

Monday, 5 September 2011

10th Septmber The Ritz Ballroom Brighouse

Heading up this Saturday 10th September to Brighouse - The Ritz Ballroom Bradford Road HD6 4AD. Playing with my good friends Pete Pritchard, Dave Briggs and Richard Blanchard. It's Pete's Band and he'll be handling vocals and singing tracks from his Brilliant CD 'Beat The Blues.' Dave and I will pitch in and all in all we'll be playing some great Rock and Roll I suspect.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Three Horseshoes Gig

Playing a Trio Gig this Thursday at:

The Three Horseshoes
Shepperton -  'Home Of The Stars.'

131 High St TW17 9BL

8.30pm - 11.30pm

Richard Sadler - Double Bass
Preben Raunsbjerg - Guitar

Great pub with great beer and music.

See link below for details

Get there if you can.